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The excessive fat producing disease of Lipedema is still a mystery to the medical community, but more and more research is being done to figure it out. Even though there is no known cure for lipedema, a chronic, progressive disorder that primarily strikes women, patients are getting help and pain relief from liposuction. With the help of lipedema specialists, like board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jaime Schwartz, patients are finding out that liposuction can relieve some of its painful symptoms. Liposuction can even cosmetically help some of the tell-tale symptoms of lipedema. Liposuction treatments like lymphatic sparing liposuction give women with lipedema hope.Dr. Jaime Schwartz is an award-winning, board-certified plastic surgeon and lipedema specialist in Beverly Hills. Founder of Total Lipedema Care, Dr. Schwartz has made it his mission to help women with this chronic disease. Dr. Schwartz has worked closely with his lipedema patients to plan out treatment options and look at all the variables to see what will work. Lymphatic sparing liposuction, at any stage, has proven a viable tool to help women with the painful side effects of lipedema. Here is some helpful information on what liposuction treatments can do and how Dr. Schwartz can help.LIPEDEMA CONCERNSWomen throughout the country or in Beverly Hills who suffer from this painful condition are not alone. Lipedema may be a mystery, but it still affects over 17 million women. Often misdiagnosed as a weight problem, lipedema is a progressive disorder of excessive fat build-up particularly in lower extremities in women. Ongoing research into lipedema points to this disorder being driven by a woman’s hormones and is often a genetic disease where women within the same family tree have displayed the same symptoms. If left untreated, lipedema can progress to a more serious condition and in some cases a debilitating disorder.SEARCHING FOR HELP
If you have been diagnosed with lipedema, there is help with a lipedema specialist like Dr. Schwartz at Total Lipedema Care in Beverly Hills, CA. The common trait of lipedema is excessive fat buildup which is generally seen in most women in their lower extremities. Legs, hips, and buttocks are typical target areas for the first signs of lipedema to show up. In some instances, women in stage I or stage II may show signs of lipedema in their upper arms. No matter where the target area is, many women with lipedema find it to be a medical necessity to have excess fat removed. A surgical treatment such as lymphatic sparing liposuction can be the answer to removing the excess fat in lipedema patients. And finding a lipedema specialist who is also well-versed in plastic surgery and the various types of liposuction options that are beneficial specifically for lipedema patients, such as Dr. Schwartz, is an even bigger find.LIPOSUCTION TREATMENTS CAN BE BENEFICIALLipedema is a progressive disorder, so the more fibrous fat that builds up in selected target areas, the more difficult it is to treat or remove. If lipedema is left untreated, it can progress into a serious medical condition. The fluid buildup will continue adding more pressure to joints and impeding a patient’s ability to be mobile or walk without pain. It will become increasingly difficult to wear medical devices like compression garments for proper treatment and other serious issues like circulation problems will arise. Deciding to undergo liposuction treatments can have a big impact on a woman’s quality of life when living day-to-day with this disease. Board-certified plastic surgeon and lipedema specialist, Dr. Schwartz can help determine if you are a candidate for lymphatic sparing liposuction.LYMPHATIC SPARING LIPOSUCTION FOR YOUR HEALTHAmong lipedema patients, lymphatic sparing liposuction has given women helpful results no matter what stage they are in. Dr. Schwartz uses this water-assisted liposuction procedure with his surgical skill to give patients excellent, life-changing results. This same-day surgery is assisted by Dr. Schwartz’s patented Rapid Recuperation technique, giving patients a gentler form of general anesthetic which allows for an easier recovery.During the procedure, Dr. Schwartz will use the cannula instrument to extract the excess fat buildup that has been loosened by the high-pressure water and anesthetic solutions. This form of liposuction is performed in a deliberate yet milder pace than traditional liposuction so that there is less trauma to the skin. Lymphatic sparing liposuction for lipedema patients also allows for an easier, more precise extraction. Since the legs are the most common area for lipedema patients, Dr. Schwartz has developed a specific approach to lymphatic sparing liposuction by treating his patients in stages. Of course, every patient’s needs or symptoms may vary so Dr. Schwartz will customize each liposuction procedure based on the severity, lipedema stage, target areas, age, and medical history.Liposuction treatments have been proven to give lipedema patients help with their overall health. Even though more than one treatment may be needed, lymphatic sparing liposuction can help take the pressure off certain areas of the body. Relieving those target areas, especially the legs, of excessive fat build-up can increase the effectiveness of the lymphatic system while giving women relief from painful symptoms of lipedema.Total Lipedema Care in Beverly Hills is focused on finding ways to keep patients who are suffering from lipedema moving and able to live life despite the symptoms of this chronic, progressive disease. One in nine women will have lipedema and may not even know it. Board-certified plastic surgeon and lipedema specialist Dr. Jaime Schwartz is committed to helping women with this chronic condition. Lymphatic sparing liposuction can relieve painful symptoms and help patients with their overall health as they live with lipedema. If you are concerned you may have lipedema or have already been diagnosed with lipedema and are wanting to learn more about lymphatic sparing liposuction then please call Total Lipedema Care today and set up an appointment with Dr. Schwartz at his Beverly Hills office.* All information subject to change. Images may contain models. Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary.