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Lipedema, also known as “painful fat syndrome,” is a progressive disease affecting over 17 million women. One in every nine women suffers from this painful condition. Ongoing research is still trying to pinpoint the triggers for this disorder, but it is a genetic disease that, if left untreated, can become debilitating.
While lipedema has specific characteristics that mainly affect women by producing excessive fat buildup in their lower extremities (buttocks, hips, and legs), it can also affect the abdominal area. The stomach is susceptible to excess, loose skin due to fluctuations in weight. Dr. Jaime Schwartz is an award-winning plastic surgeon and lipedema specialist who offers abdominoplasty for lipedema patients at Total Lipedema Care in Beverly Hills, CA. This reconstructive surgery for lipedema patients can help with skin that has lost elasticity due to rapid weight gain and loss. Lipedema can be a frustrating disease, and surgeons like Dr. Schwartz can help lipedema patients get treatment help.
Lipedema is a disease where fibrous fat accumulates in specific target areas, particularly the lower extremities. It is a progressive disorder and the fat, if left untreated, becomes more difficult to remove or treat. This fatty-fluid buildup can become a serious medical condition causing strain on a patient’s lymphatic system, and joint pressure that can impede mobility and cause a constant struggle for patients and their weight. This excessive fat damages the skin, as dense fibrous tissue pulls heavily on the skin and causes it to lose elasticity. Fluid fat from lipedema makes it easy for skin to become lax, which can enlarge the abdominal area and leave lipedema patients struggling with an “apron” or overhang of loose skin in their midsection.
Lipedema fat is unaffected by conventional measures such as regular exercise and a healthy diet. Only surgical intervention can eliminate the buildup to help with mobility, relieve painful fat congestion, and address textural changes to the skin. Total Lipedema Care provides medical help and support to allow lipedema patients a chance to improve their life while living with this condition. A tummy tuck for lipedema patients can eliminate loose, stretched-out skin in the abdominal area, even in advanced stages of the disease. A tummy tuck or abdominoplasty can be life-changing for patients. Finding a board-certified plastic surgeon who is a lipedema specialist like Dr. Schwartz is a critical factor in making it happen.
A proper diagnosis and evaluation from lipedema specialist Dr. Schwartz is the first step when considering a lipedema tummy tuck. He will perform a comprehensive assessment and determine if an abdominoplasty procedure is the right solution for you. With a proper lipedema diagnosis, some medical insurance companies will cover this type of surgery. Women and the small percentage of men this disease affects can significantly benefit from a lipedema tummy tuck. Loose, heavy, and excessive skin can cause other health complications for lipedema sufferers. Dermatological issues like rashes and open sores can lead to bacterial infections if excess skin or skin folds are left untreated. Eliminating this issue in the abdominal area can help reduce the risk of such issues, and increase a patient’s mobility while improving their overall quality of life.
A tummy tuck procedure is not a weight-loss solution for any patient, particularly those dealing with lipedema. Abdominoplasty with liposuction can reduce fat buildup in the abdominal area while addressing sagging, loose skin. Dr. Schwartz will use his patented Schwartz Rapid Recuperation™ method, a gentler form of surgical sedation, while performing a lipedema tummy tuck procedure. By removing excess fat with lymphatic-sparing, water-assisted liposuction, body contouring procedures can give lipedema patients relief in congested areas of their midsection. The abdominal skin will be pulled tighter after the removal of lax skin, regardless of the severity. Removing loose, excessive heavy skin from the abdominal area can be life-changing for lipedema patients, and experts like Dr. Schwartz can help.
Lipedema patients deal with several aspects of the disease that can be frustrating. Many factors can contribute to excessive amounts of skin that have lost elasticity in a patient’s midsection. Surgery or a tummy tuck procedure is the only solution to remove lax skin. An abdominoplasty procedure can be extremely beneficial to lipedema patients.
Board-certified plastic surgeon and lipedema specialist Dr. Jaime Schwartz is committed to helping patients with this disease. At Total Lipedema Care in Beverly Hills, CA, a tummy tuck procedure is a lipedema treatment option to help patients deal with the side effects of this disease. Finding a lipedema specialist and expert plastic surgeon like Dr. Schwartz is putting your lipedema condition in the right hands. If you want to learn more about a lipedema tummy tuck or abdominoplasty, we invite you to schedule a consultation with Total Lipedema Care and Dr. Schwartz today.