Manual Lipedema Extraction™
in Beverly Hills, CA & Tucson, AZ

Dr. Jaime Schwartz’s Exclusive Technique For Treating Lipedema


After Dr Schwartz performs Lymphatic Sparing Liposuction, these nodules become even more apparent. This beaded fat is gently massaged similar to a deep Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) which expresses and dislodges them through incision sites to make sure as much lipedema fat is removed as possible during surgery. This technique leaves behind a smoother, softer, skin texture.

This specialized treatment has been developed by Dr. Jaime Schwartz to help treat even the most difficult of Lipedema cases.

Manual Lipedema Extraction in Beverly Hills, CA & Tucson, AZ


If you are diagnosed with Stage III or IV lipedema, then you may be a candidate for Manual Lipedema Extraction after being evaluated by Dr. Schwartz. There are four stages of lipedema that can affect one or several combinations of areas on your body at a time. Not all body parts have to be equally touched by lipedema (your arms may be at a Stage I lipedema, while your legs are at a Stage III).

Candidates for Manual Lipedema Extraction will have symptoms of the disorder that make this type of fat reduction a medical necessity. Lipedema is a progressive condition so the more that this fibrous fat accumulates on your body, the more difficult it is to remove without surgery. Lipedema is not a cosmetic issue. 

At TLC, we treat lipedema as a medical issue because without surgery, it can:

  • Have an impact on your ability to wear fitted compression garments (because it is unevenly distributed) for proper treatment
  • Create a constant fluctuation of fluid buildup and pressure, only to make the condition worse
  • Put so much pressure on the joints that arthritis starts to set in, causing continuous pain and deformities
  • Take away the ability to walk or move without pain
  • Lead to medical complications within the veins — and right into critical issue called lymphedema
  • Make the skin chronically infected from ulcers, sores, and rashes

Making the decision to have a surgical procedure early in a diagnosis can be a huge decision. Dr. Schwartz wants you and all lipedema candidates to be assured that he understands your point of view. If you are a candidate for Manual Lipedema Extraction, he wants you to know that you will feel immediate relief and mitigate the progression of your lipedema. We want to help you make the right decision for your health.


Prepping your body for Manual Lipedema Extraction can begin immediately after your diagnosis. To give your body an advantage before your lipedema treatment, Dr. Schwartz may ask that you prepare your body with a combination of decongestive lymphatic therapy techniques in the affected areas:

  • Wearing fitted compression garments, bandages, or wraps
  • Gently performing manual lymphatic drainage massages
  • Participating in physical therapy or specific exercises
  • Eating an anti-inflammatory diet
  • Taking medications and supplements as prescribed by your physicians
  • Using intermittent compression pumps or devices to help with circulation (and lymphatic fluid flow-in limbs) in the more severe stages of lipedema to avoid or treat secondary lymphedema

While not all lipedema patients will require every advanced intervention, this is a great list of strategies (among others) Dr. Schwartz will provide you before your surgery. By following his instructions and guidance, you should have less swelling, inflamed tissue, soreness, malaise, and less mobility in your treatment area after surgery.


Directly after the operation, your incisions will be drained on the table to remove excess fluid and are placed in custom-made compression garments. We advise you to wear the compression garments 24 hours a day for two weeks after their surgery, followed by an additional two weeks wearing the garments, but for 12 hours a day. You will see bruising on the skin where the fat was taken out. The skin may also feel sensitive to the touch for a while. As for pain, we can send you home with a prescription for a medical-grade pain reliever; however, most of our patients rarely use much of it. In fact, most of our TLC lipo patients feel well enough to go out that day to walk around or go out to dinner. Our team at TLC is a phone call away if you need medical assistance after your lipedema treatment surgery, especially if you feel like you are experiencing a complication.

Recovery is more than just the healing of your incisions. Underneath the surface, your body will be remodeling and restructuring the tissue for about a year or more. Your patient care does not end after your surgery at TLC. You will have follow-up appointments with Dr. Schwartz along the way.


Manual Lipedema Extraction in Beverly Hills, CA & Tucson, AZ
Manual Lipedema Extraction in Beverly Hills, CA & Tucson, AZ
Manual Lipedema Extraction in Beverly Hills, CA & Tucson, AZ
Manual Lipedema Extraction in Beverly Hills, CA & Tucson, AZ
Manual Lipedema Extraction in Beverly Hills, CA & Tucson, AZ
Manual Lipedema Extraction in Beverly Hills, CA & Tucson, AZ
Manual Lipedema Extraction in Beverly Hills, CA & Tucson, AZ
Manual Lipedema Extraction in Beverly Hills, CA & Tucson, AZ


  • An improved texture of their skin.
  • Improved mobility.
  • Increased blood circulation.
  • More effective breaking up of the lymphatic fluid that can cause pain.
  • Alleviation of the long-term pain associated with this condition.


When will my pain subside?

You will feel relief immediately after your procedure.

Will the nodules return?
We have not had any cases of the nodules returning.
Will you remove all the nodules?
Yes, we remove all the nodules in the part of the body we are treating.
Where are nodules located?

Lipedema nodules are typically located just under the skin in the subcutaneous layer.

Can you remove excess skin at the same time?
Yes, we often combine tummy tucks, thigh lifts and arm lifts with Manual Lipedema Extraction

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