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What is CVAC?

During a CVAC session, your entire body — blood, organs, and muscle — is rhythmically compressed and relaxed.

A high-performance pump draws air out of the pod and replaces it with fresh air 200-500 times during the session. These dynamic changes in pressure improve blood flow and lymph drainage in the body.

These changes stimulate the body to heal and become more fit. Higher changes in pressure simulate higher altitude levels. Simulating an altitude of up to 22,500 feet, the user descends to a lower pressure in 3 seconds, creating a rush of oxygenated blood that moves through tissue.

CVAC Benefits:

  • Reduces inflammation
  • Accelerates tissue healing
  • Altitude acclimation
  • Helps chronic pain
Lipedema Treatment - Plastic Surgeon in Beverly Hills, CA and Tucson, AZ

Who Can Benefit from CVAC?

  • Athletes (cyclists, runners, MMA)
  • People with Lymphedema
  • Type 2 Diabetes patients
  • Anyone looking to improve their physical health and wellness

How Many Sessions Until I See Results?

CVAC claims that spending up to 20 minutes in the pod just three times a week can improve stamina and energy, increased endurance, reduced inflammation and swelling, improved sleeping patterns and improved mental acuity and alertness.

University studies have shown that the CVAC process reduced pain and blood glucose levels, and improved mental function and oxygen utilization.

Feel the difference with Arizona’s only CVAC.

Lipedema Treatment - Plastic Surgeon in Beverly Hills, CA and Tucson, AZ


Many patients first notice lipedema on the thighs, which presents as normal weight gain at first. When the severity of the condition progresses, lipedema of the thighs will cause a long list of medical problems that endanger your health, reduces your quality of life, and greatly impacts your mental health. If you would like to learn more about the diagnosis and treatment of lipedema, please call and schedule an appointment at Total Lipedema Care with Dr. Schwartz in Beverly Hills, CA.