• Please take photos in front of a plain background. For example, use a plain-colored wall or plain-colored sheet (white or blue is preferable) hung on a wall.
  • Photos should be taken from just below your chin to your knees. The whole torso area should be visible with no undergarments obscuring the areas.
  • Hands and arms should not be raised above your head as this lifts the abdomen to an unnatural position. Do not “suck in” the abdomen as this also creates an unnatural position. Inhale and exhale out to completely relax your abdomen.
  • Keep arms up and out to the sides for front and back views.
  • Keep the camera angle straight forward. Do not angle down or up as this will also create an unnatural position/view of the abdomen area.
  • You will need to take your photos without any garments on; for example, no shirts covering the abdomen area, no bras, or underwear. If you like, please use a small towel to cover your front genital area, but please do not use underwear.
  • Only one frontal image is needed for all body surgery. If you are considering a buttock augmentation procedure, please send a front and back view.
Lipedema Treatment in Beverly Hills, CA & Tucson, AZ