Airline Travel with Lipedema and Lymphedema: Take Flight with These
First-Class Tips


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Before you book your getaway, be sure to pack these useful tips to help make your in-flight experience a positive one.

Here are some helpful tips on traveling with lipedema or lymphedema, to get you to your destination relaxed and ready to enjoy your getaway.

Take-Off to Touchdown: The Physical Facets of Flying with Lipedema/Lymphedema

Decreased cabin pressure during airline travel exacerbates swelling in most travelers, even those with no prior lymph abnormalities. So, you can imagine the toll decreased in-flight air pressure takes on those who suffer from lipedema and/or lymphedema. Here are some tips to help make your flight as comfortable as humanly possible – take-off to touchdown:
● Get all wrapped up in the experience – literally. Aptly bind lower extremities with compression garments made for lipedema and lymphedema and medical bandages BEFORE take-off. This will help prevent lymph fluid build-up in your legs, which can lead to tenderness, tightness, swelling, bruising, and discomfort.
● Try to avoid salty foods in the airport terminal– high sodium intake will cause your body to retain fluids.
● Massage your legs throughout the duration of your flight to boost blood and lymphatic flow– “keep things moving.” Bring some unscented lotion and soothe your body (and mind) with mini massage sessions to stimulate the lipedema/lymphedema affected areas.
● Book an aisle seat! When possible, get up and move around the cabin to prevent lymph fluid blockage. Staying seated for excessive periods of time, even for those without lipedema or lymph issues, can cause build-up in the legs and ankles, leading to swelling and soreness of the skin. “Cankles” is a common condition upon landing after a long flight.
● After you arrive at your destination, visit a lymphatic drainage masseuse. Manual lymphatic drainage and removing the fluid retained is important.

A Parting Message

During all the hustle and bustle of traveling, try to stay emotionally positive, while focusing on your health and destination. The anticipation of seeing loved ones, family, and friends, and making memories to cherish for a lifetime is what matter the most! Safe travels, from Total Lipedema Care!

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