Do I Need Lipedema Revision Surgery?
When Your First Treatment Requires a “Take-two”


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If you’ve undergone surgical intervention to treat your lipedema but are unhappy with the results or still experiencing pain and discomfort in your lower extremities, you may be a candidate for lipedema revision surgery.

It’s not uncommon for surgery, especially of the cosmetic variety, to require a revision at some point.  In the case of cosmetic surgery, for instance, the natural aging process doesn’t deem a facelift permanent.  A patient who has undergone breast augmentation surgery with implants is advised to replace their implants between 10 and 20 years.  Many patients also seek revision for tummy tucks, liposuction, rhinoplasty, eyelid surgery, and other common cosmetic procedures.  Even lipedema surgery.

When is Lipedema Revision Surgery Recommended?
Lipedema revision surgery is often requested after a patient finds they’re unhappy with the results of their previous surgery aimed at removing their lumpy, painful fat.  A patient’s dissatisfaction can be either cosmetic or symptomatic, or both.  While it’s always the goal of a surgeon to get it right the first time, sometimes things don’t end up as planned, necessitating revision surgery.  In the case of lipedema surgery, a successful outcome is crucial to help improve the overall quality of life and mobility while significantly decreasing pain and discomfort and the possibility of progression and future health challenges.  Much rides on lipedema surgery.  Most plastic surgeons and medical professionals affirm liposuction or a more specialized surgical technique in treating lipedema, also known as MLE (Manual Lipedema Extraction), are the only long-lasting remedies to effectively manage lipedema symptoms and prevent its progression.  Once surgical excision of fat from thighs, knees, calves, ankles, arms, and abdomen is performed, there is less stress placed on the patient’s lymphatic and vascular systems.  Successful surgical intervention also helps eliminate stress from compromised joints and bones that could result in limited mobility or deformity if left untreated or mismanaged.  Successful surgery immediately mitigates swelling and bruising of the skin that can cause pain and discomfort.

Signs You May Need Lipedema Revision Surgery
If you’ve undergone lipedema surgery in the past few years and all swelling and healing has concluded but are still experiencing the following issues, you may be a good candidate for lipedema revision surgery:

  • You still experience pain in areas where lipedema’s adverse effects were most significant (most notably thighs, knees, calves, ankles) and where previous surgery was performed
  • You have difficulty or pain with basic bodily movements or mobility
  • Other areas of your health are beginning to decline or suffer, including joint deformity
  • You’re not completely satisfied with the aesthetic results of the prior surgery, even while having realistic expectations

The Look of Lipedema Surgery
It’s important to realize if you’re not experiencing pain or a threat to your health, you may NOT be a candidate for lipedema revision surgery.  Cosmetic results may not always meet a patient’s expectations, so it’s crucial to be realistic about the aesthetic outcome of your first surgery.  While you should enjoy considerable reduction in your lipedema fat, with excess skin removal for a smoother appearance in some cases, a patient needs to keep their cosmetic goals in check if they’re to be truly content with their lipedema surgery experience.  Expect an increase in self-confidence when flaunting a swimsuit, shorts, or skirts, but if physical perfection is what’s expected, there will be much disappointment during the recovery process.  In some cases, world-renowned lipedema specialist Dr. Jamie Schwartz, offers excess skin removal to his patients for a sleeker, smoother result following MLE.  When considering lipedema revision surgery, it’s essential to get it right on the re-do.  Dr. Jamie has performed hundreds of his highly specialized, trademarked lipedema surgeries for patients of varying needs, body compositions, genetics, goals, and other specifications, delivering the most desirable results and dramatically transforming the lives of so many of those living with lipedema.

If you feel you may benefit from lipedema revision surgery and would like to book a consultation with Dr. Jamie to evaluate your current physical situation, as well as your medical and lipedema surgical history, be sure to contact our office to speak with any one of our compassionate, highly-knowledgeable staff members.  We look forward to hearing from you and we’re always here to help.