Dr. Karen Herbst
Joins Dr. Jaime Schwartz in the Fight Against Painful Fat


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World-renowned Endocrinologist and Fat disease Specialist Dr. Karen Herbst Joins Dr. Jaime Schwartz in the Fight Against Painful Fat

We are honored to announce Dr. Karen Herbst, PhD, MD has officially joined leading lipedema expert and plastic surgeon Dr. Jaime Schwartz and the award-winning Total Lipedema Care team. This dynamic duo is sure to break ground with exciting, innovative technologies in the management and treatment of the highly misunderstood fat deposition disorder. Let’s give this highly distinguished doc a warm welcome.

Recognized across the globe for her groundbreaking work in endocrinology, metabolic disorders, Dercum’s Disease, and hormonal abnormalities, including extensive, leading research in lipedema, Dr. Karen Herbst famously headed a practice at the VA San Diego Hospital and led legendary lipedema research at the University of Arizona’s College of Medicine in Tucson. A graduate of prominent Rush Medical College, Dr. Karen Herbst studied adipose tissue disorders (ATDs) before becoming an Associate Professor in The College of Medicine at the University of Arizona. Totally over 25 years of dedicated, progressive expertise in the ever-evolving medical field, Dr. Herbst will offer her revolutionary lipedema nutritional plans, including her non-conventional approach to nutritional supplements as an integrated solution to the management and treatment of lipedema and other connective tissue irregularities.

A Dream Team in the Management and Advanced Treatment of Lipedema

Along with lipedema treatment expert and world-class plastic surgeon, Dr. Jaime Schwartz, the pioneering pair hope to offer a truly unique and integrated approach in the successful management of lipedema, lymphedema, dercums’s disease and connective tissue disorders all together. Patients should expect unprecedented options, customized health and nutrition recommendations designed to be assimilated with Dr. Jaime’s trademark surgical interventions, and advanced medical breakthroughs for on-going health renewal. Dr. Herbst’s illustrious work, tireless research, and medical expertise in endocrinology, adipose tissue disorders, hormonal dysfunction, and metabolic disorders, including game-changing advancements in nutrition coupled with Dr. Jaime’s innovative, surgical techniques promise to provide patients a well-rounded, multiple hands-on, immersive approach to their long-term lipedema, lymphedema and connective tissue disorder management. Their combination of diverse medical backgrounds is sure to offer something extraordinary and unparalleled in the lipedema community.

What to Expect

Current and future lipedema patients can expect a more customized, comprehensive action plan in the treatment of their lipedema symptoms and progression, while being introduced to revolutionary nutrition and dietary plans and body-benefitting supplements. While Dr. Schwartz will treat patients using his famous surgical and physically altering methods, such as traditional liposuction and manual lipedema extraction, Dr. Herbst will assist patients in lifestyle modifications and nutritional supplement therapies for more synergized, effective results. Because fat deposition disorders are known to signal hormone dysfunction, nutritional supplements, targeted medications and therapies may help boost a lipedema patient’s metabolism and reverse problematic deficiencies.

We cannot think of a better team than Dr. Jaime Schwartz and Dr. Karen Herbst in the quest to fight painful fat and mitigate chronic, connective tissue disorders. Their combined, world-renowned expertise, dedication to the medical field, and unsurpassed client-patient relationships are sure to bring hope, health, and happiness to the lipedema community. To learn more about Dr. Karen Herbst and/or to set up a consultation, please be sure to contact the Total Lipedema Care offices today. Dr. Herbst is available for telemedicine consultations in select states and in-person consultations.

To learn more, please contact our Beverly Hills, California office to schedule a consultation with any of our highly trained specialists.