Dress for Success:
Warm Weather Wardrobe Woes Solved


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Committed a fashion faux pas?  No need to call the fashion police! We’ve got you covered with these flattering, functionable, fashionable finds.

Living with lipedema is challenging in many aspects and learning to navigate the fashion scene is no exception.  Ladies struggling with the day-to-day physical symptoms of lipedema need not sacrifice the latest statement styles.  Here is a go-to guide to heat up your summer wardrobe without, well, heating up!  Let’s summer-ize your warm weather wardrobe with these easy fashion fixes.

Get a Leg Up with These Pants Picks
Ladies with lipedema should choose full-length trouser pants, even as temps begin to soar. Just be sure the material is lightweight and loose, like linen or breathable cotton.  Choose light, summer-ready colors like whites, pinks, purples, pastels, and even mellow yellows to brighten up your wardrobe.  Though fashionable and a fave during the warmer months, capris, i.e., cropped pants and petal pushers, usually stop at the widest part of the calf, giving lipedema-stricken legs an unflattering look.  As tempting as it may be, steer clear from this summer pants style that will only leave you feeling frustrated and uncomfortable.

The Short and the Long of It
If you cannot fathom getting through summer without donning a pair of shorts, slip on the beach-ready, Bermuda variety.  Bermuda shorts are usually wide-legged, loose, and slouchy, but not in a sloppy kind of way.  Here are some tips on how to choose the perfect Bermuda short:  opt for a pair that are structured with a tummy-tucking panel that is loose in the leg and groin areas.  Bermuda shorts also allow you to conceal compression garments worn on the upper legs.  Win-win!

Tops that Go with the Flow
Flowy, feminine tops, loose-fitting tank tops, and tops with bell-capped sleeves are great picks that go with almost any bottom style choice, while keeping you cool and on-trend.  Again, aim for loose, relaxed, and light.  The less restrictive the material, the better.  You want to be sure your fashion picks don’t trigger an undesirable lymphatic buildup.  There are also many sweat-wicking, athleisure wear tops that can take you from the cubicle to cocktails effortlessly.  Pull off the look by bringing a blazer to the office to cover up and once the clock strikes five, remove for some fashion-friendly happy hour fun.

Jean Pool
When it comes to shopping for jeans, even ladies without lipedema find the entire process daunting and infallibly frustrating.  So, keep the faith.  We’re all in this common closet conundrum together, apparently.  Ladies with lipedema have a few choices here.  One can be choosing a high-waisted jean with a flare/boot cut bottom to give the illusion of a balanced, hourglass shape.  Plus, high-waisted picks prevent the mortifying “muffin top” that spills over the top of the jeans, which isn’t a flattering look on anyone, irrespective body type. Another option is going for the trendy skinny jeans style.  Yes, you can pull this off.  Here’s the skinny:  Be a label sleuth and look for jeans with at least 5% elastane/spandex with a straight leg combo.  Not only will you successfully pull off the trend, you’ll feel surprisingly comfortable AND supported.  Pair with a pretty, flowy top for a well pulled-together summer style.  The final option is to check out Luna Largo at www.lunalargo.com for their curated collection of lipedema-specific jeans that we think you will absolutely fall head-over-high-heels in love with!  Designed for the lipedema lady who refuses to sacrifice style, these pants come available in sizes 40-56 and are anatomically designed with a rear seam for a comfortable rise, as well as a fully adjustable, completely invisible waistband.  The elasticity and recovery technology are second-to-none for that bounce-back power we all desire in the derriere department.  No more unsightly saggy butt!  Affordable, accessible, and long-lasting, these are one pair of pants you’ll want to get into again and again.

Maximize the Moment
Maxi and midi dresses/skirts are having a moment!  And, they’re both poised to make a summer closet hit for ALL body types.  Maxi-style dresses and skirts are a lipedema lady’s dream-come-true. You get all the comfort and all the cover – top to bottom – while still being on-trend.  Maxi dresses and most midi dresses are compression-garment friendly, especially when temps start to rise and sticky humidity sets in.

A Step in the Right Direction
Unless you have access to or the resources to have shoes custom-made to meet your foot’s dimensions, we suggest you opt for mules or open-toed slides sans ankle straps to keep tootsies cool and comfortable all season long.

Fashionable Finishing Touches
Feel free to accessorize your daily ensemble, aka OOTD, with wide-brimmed hats, aviator-styled sunnies, and loose-fitting, sea-inspired fashion jewelry.

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