From Bruising to Boot-wearing:
The Benefits of Lipedema Surgery


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Do you ever wonder what life would be like if you underwent lipedema surgery?  Here are just some of the many benefits you can look forward to following lipedema surgery.

Patients who’ve taken the crucial step to finally resolve their lipedema challenges, including pain, bruising, swelling, progression mitigation, poor-fitting clothing/footwear, and other lifestyle and health factors, have reported some unexpected and amazing body-bettering benefits that helped them regain their quality of life.  

Surprising By-products of Lipedema Surgery

While there are non-invasive therapies readily available to help manage the pain and slow the progression of the earlier stages of lipedema, surgical intervention, such as manual lipedema extraction, has been proven to be the most effective treatment in managing the fat deposition disorder that affects roughly 11% of women.  There is currently no conclusive cure to fully remedy lipedema, but manual lipedema extraction has shown to be a patient’s best bet in diminishing the perplexing syndrome.  Let’s look at some of the bevy of benefits you can expect to enjoy following your lipedema surgery:

  • No More Pain
    Patients have reported considerably less to virtually no pain, bruising, or swelling of the skin following their lipedema surgery.  
  • Better Sleep Quality
    Because prolonged pressure on the skin causes unbearable discomfort for most lipedema sufferers, sleeping becomes a nightmare.  Following the extraction of lipedema fat, patients reported more restorative, uninterrupted sleep.
  • Increased, Pain-free Mobility
    Patients once again can enjoy activities they love without feeling easily fatigued or needing assistance.  Their legs also didn’t have that “heavy, lead-laden” feeling that is so prevalent with the disorder.
  • Renewed Flair for Fashion
    Lipedema patients especially love flaunting all their once-favorite fashions that had since taken space at the back of the closet.  Because lipedema causes the dysfunction of fat accumulation in the lower extremities, patients usually are unable to properly fit into their fashion-forward clothes and footwear, such as jeans, trousers, and knee-high boots.  Following just one surgery, patients happily reported being able to don all their favorite, fun fashions and trendy styles – including effortlessly slipping on a pair of cool cowboy boots without the frustration of bulging, squeezing, and soreness.  Wearing spandex-free dress pants and denim that no longer cling to the calves is also a long-awaited respite for lipedema patients and a way to finally channel their inner fashionista again.
  • Trips to the Salon are Spaaaamazing Again
    Treating oneself to a monthly pedi is pure joy once again.  No more tender tootsies due to lipedema fat buildup under sensitive skin. Now, the only problem is picking out the perfect polish to go with those on-trend, open-toe boots!
  • Smaller Legs
    While most lipedema patients have realistic expectations on their body’s aesthetic following surgery, many didn’t expect their legs to shrink in size – but it happened!  A reduction of up to 5 inches in circumference in the calves is one of the reasons wearing boots was possible once again.
  • Better Body Image
    Patients enjoy a renewed sense of self-confidence and a boosted body image without the all-too-common embarrassing moments in public, aboard a plane, or other seemingly uncomfortable encounters. 
  • No More Freezing Feet
    Because lipedema primarily affects the thighs and calves, while sparing the feet, the feet usually suffer from that “freezing feeling,” as if they’re separate from the rest of the body.  This awkward, “freezing feet” phenomenon is all but eliminated following lipedema surgery. 
  • More Defined Lower Body
    Manual lipedema extraction allows the surgeon to manually sculpt a more contoured lower body.  Noticeable definition between the thighs, knees, calves, and ankles has been thoroughly relished amongst lipedema patients following their surgeries, including the elimination of “knocking knees” syndrome. 

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