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Once women are appropriately diagnosed with lipedema, a new stage of life can begin. Surgical help, treatment options, and emotional support can become the cornerstones for women living with this progressive disease. The signs and symptoms of lipedema rarely vary, but women often get overlooked by medical professionals who see them as having only an issue with their weight. Lipedema is a medical condition that plagues mainly women and gets progressively worse if left undiagnosed. Today, women are fighting back to get a proper diagnosis and treatment assistance to live a fuller, healthier life.
Total Lipedema Care (TLC) in Beverly Hills, CA, can help women living with this disease. Founded by lipedema specialist and board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jaime Schwartz, TLC is a center solely dedicated to giving women the necessary support for a better quality of life. This progressive disease is manageable with the right support system in place, and experts like Dr. Schwartz are at the forefront of doing more to help women hindered by lipedema.
What is lipedema?
You may not have heard of lipedema but have probably seen someone who has it. Lipedema is a genetic, progressive disorder sometimes referred to as the “painful fat” syndrome or “big leg” disorder. It is a fat-storage disorder affecting mainly women that causes an abnormal accumulation of fat in the subcutaneous tissue. Lipedema is most commonly seen in the lower half of the body, particularly the legs, hips, and buttocks, although in rare cases, it can affect the arms as well. The disease becomes more severe as it progresses, so it’s extremely beneficial to get an early diagnosis and start treatment options.
Living a fuller life with lipedema
Once a woman gets a proper diagnosis, her life can begin living with this disease. Although there is no cure for lipedema, women can help slow down its progression and live a fuller life. Compression garments, therapy, water activities, and surgical removal of the altered subcutaneous fat buildup are all significant players in the treatment of lipedema. Here is a look at the daily factors and treatment options that can help manage symptoms and make life more comfortable.
Nutrition recommendations
A healthy, balanced diet can reduce triggers that cause lipedema flare-ups of inflammation or swelling. New studies show that a low-glycemic diet high in fruits, vegetables, healthy proteins (chicken or fish), and whole grains can help with specific lipedema symptoms. Highly processed foods or foods with artificial preservatives, fake sweeteners, or other fillers, particularly fast food, should be avoided. Inflammation and painful swelling only increase with foods high in sodium. Daily dietary choices can have a profound effect on lipedema symptoms.
Stay mobile and exercise
As the fatty tissue accumulates, it becomes increasingly harder for women to remain mobile. Patients deal with more buildup in certain areas, especially the legs, which may become more painful and cumbersome. Women with lipedema in the earlier stages should maintain light walking at least 3 – 4 times a week for 45 minutes. Women in the later stages of lipedema should turn to water aerobics or swimming to reduce the impact on their joints while keeping active. Any activity can help to keep a woman’s weight and symptoms manageable, which can offer them a better quality of life.
Avoid unnecessary weight gain
Lipedema is a disease that causes unwanted fatty fluid buildup. It gets worse as it progresses, leaving women with poor circulation, strained lymphatic systems, and inhibited mobility. Additional weight gain due to poor diet or lack of exercise only enhances these issues. A woman’s lymphatic system becomes more compromised and painful inflammation and swelling are triggered. Patients who maintain a healthy diet along with staying active to avoid putting on additional weight should notice overall health benefits.
Surgical help
Women with lipedema can live a better quality of life with help from Total Lipedema Care and Dr. Jaime Schwartz. TLC in Beverly Hills offers women surgical options such as liposuction to remove subcutaneous fat buildup, which can relieve pressure and increase circulation. Lymph-sparing liposuction can help manage the physical impact of fatty buildup and reduce excessive lipedema fluid.
Women living with lipedema may face many obstacles. They continuously battle their weight, deal with painful symptoms, and struggle to find the right help. If left untreated, this disease can be debilitating, leaving women to deal with more health and emotional issues. TLC and Dr. Schwartz offer women hope and helpful options to live a better quality of life.
Concerned that you may have lipedema or want to talk to a lipedema specialist? We encourage you to make an appointment with Dr. Jaime Schwartz at Total Lipedema Care in Beverly Hills, CA, today. You can get your life back, and Dr. Schwartz and his professional staff are here to help you.