Good Vibrations: The Unshakeable Link Between Lipedema and Whole Body Vibration


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Find out if this 90s fitness phenomenon holds any weight in managing lipedema symptoms.

Whole Body Vibration (WBV) is a form of passive exercise that began taking shape during the 1990s and gained popularity within the last decade as an unorthodox form of fitness training.  The technique requires an individual to simply stand on a vibrating platform that oscillates at a frequency of 15-70 hertz (Hz) and on an amplitude of 1-10 mm.  Research has shown that practicing WBV just a few times a week significantly improves muscle tone and performance, bone density, overall body strength/resilience, balance, and long-term body fat reduction while reducing inflammation.  But, can simply standing on a vibrating plate shake away the symptoms of lipedema?   The findings may surprise you.

The Benefits of Whole Body Vibration for Lipedema
With consisted WBV usage, the following benefits have been shown to have a positive impact, as well as long-term health effects, for those suffering from lipedema symptoms:

  • Boosted blow flow, especially when combined with regular resistance/strength training
  • Increased fat loss
  • Muscle gain
  • Improved bone density
  • Improved metabolic and lymphatic functionality
  • Reduced pain, swelling, bruising, and tenderness
  • Improved quality of life

It should be noted that partaking in WBV therapy be combined IN ADDITION to a lipedema-friendly, anti-inflammation diet, compression garments, and lymphatic drainage/massage therapies.  As always, a full, comprehensive approach to different mitigations will most likely yield the most effective results over the long term.  The suggested usage is to begin your WBV program with just 10 minutes a day and working up to 30 minutes daily.  Stand on the vibrating plate with knees slightly bent.  The oscillation range of the plate should be in the range of 10-30 Hz to maximize efficacy without posing harmful risks.

Standing Against Lipedema Symptoms
Total Lipedema’s very own renowned lipedema pioneer and expert, Dr. Karen Herbst, personally uses and recommends whole-body vibration as an easy form of exercise and publicly touts its remarkable, game-changing capacity to move stubborn, stuck lymph and boost blood flow. Herbst first discovered the unexpected benefits of whole-body vibration while researching ways for her clients to boost lymphatic flow.  Herbst found the unusual fitness form improved clients’ muscle tone, which subsequently reduced their overall body fat over time.  With consistent practice, the gel-like substance trapped deep in the fatty tissue began to liquefy due to the warming of the muscles during WBV.  Lesser impact than walking, WBV is easier on the joints, which is especially beneficial for those whose lipedema has limited their mobility.  Herbst affirms WBV be used in conjunction with other remedies to yield the most desirable results for lipedema patients.  A staunch advocate for WBV, Herbst endorses Lifepro’s vibration plates to mitigate the debilitating effects of lipedema, while improving overall health and body fitness.  Lifepro offers low-frequency plates that are easy to use, affordable, and durable.

While there is convincing anecdotal evidence to suggest whole-body vibration therapy for lipedema patients offers remarkable, long-term benefits, the jury is still out on conclusive, clinical, and groundbreaking evidence.  If you have lipedema and looking for a unique technique to try, be sure to do so at your doctor’s discretion.  Has whole-body vibration proved unshakeable for you? If you’ve tried WBV for your lipedema, our Total Lipedema Care community would love to know about your experience.  Be sure to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

To learn more, please contact our Beverly Hills, California office to schedule a consultation with any of our highly trained specialists.