From Struggles to Smiles: Finding a Sense of Purpose, Peace, and Solidarity in the Lipedema Community


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Besides seeking the support of family, friends, and loved ones, those living with lipedema often seek support from those experiencing the same daily struggles, setbacks, strides, and, yes, smiles!  

Fostering meaningful relationships with those who can relate from a profoundly personal perspective only helps to strengthen, empower, and inspire those living with lipedema.  While family, friends, and loved ones can offer unconditional love, support, and understanding (up to a point), other lipedema sufferers know firsthand your pain – both physically and emotionally – and have your back through both the thick and thin of it all.  Here, we’ve compiled a helpful list of reputable online support groups, services, and resources you may find beneficial as you navigate your journey as a person living with this lifelong disorder.

Lipedema Project (
The Lipedema Project, Inc. is a 501(C) 3 non-profit organization that continually strives to boost awareness of the fat deposition disorder nearly 11% of women currently live with.  Through education, resources, research, and treatment initiatives, this free, online support system also provides unique, face-to-face programs to further foster relationships and build a better lipedema community.  Their sister support site,, connects peers and caregivers while providing the latest resources and updates in the news, medical advancements, and treatment therapies. is an indispensable online support system that often hosts fun, online contests, as well as featuring guest writers and speakers in an effort to cultivate community, hope, and healing.

Lipedema Foundation (
Founded and operated by Felicitie Daftuar, The Lipedema Foundation helps fund basic and translation research for breakthrough advancements in lipedema treatment.  Also, a 501 (C) 3, the organization values transparency for open and honest discourse, collaborative research efforts, and community-building.

LipoedemaUK (
Connect with like-minded (and bodied) peers from across the pond!  Founded and operated by team members living with lipedema, this UK-based charitable organization is on a mission to educate all medical professionals to finally recognize and properly diagnose the fat deposition disorder, so everyone living with lipedema has access to the latest treatments, therapies, and other resources to help navigate their health and make informed decisions.   This organization is also recognized for orchestrating gala-like events and getting voices heard.
Another UK-based lipedema support group that specializes in fostering friendships, inclusivity, and hosting real-time Facebook chats amongst their many members from all over the world. Their goal is to provide invaluable resources, education, news, and advice to those struggling with medical uncertainty regarding their condition.  This intimate, lovely organization also offers lifestyle tips, beauty bits, fashion fun, and hosting in-person events with speakers from all over the globe.

Lipedema Simplified (
A well-organized, online portal to all-things-lipedema, Lipedema Simplified takes the guesswork out of navigating a currently developing disorder within the medical community.  Their goal is to provide a “one-stop-shop” platform to any woman experiencing lipedema symptoms of any stage, such as the dissemination of cutting-edge solutions and medical news/advancements, dispelling common myths and misconceptions, engaging conversation, breaking barriers and eradicating harmful stereotypes and misinformation, and more positive uptake.  This organization is a huge proponent of supporting innovative research, finding viable solutions, and building awareness.

The cream of the crop in the lipedema online support system, any one of the aforementioned can provide you with the tools you will need to get started on your journey – support, empowerment, inspiration, advice, direction, encouragement, and so much more to successfully progress on your health’s trajectory.  Mindfully seeking a community specific to lipedema life is always encouraged and highly recommended, especially for those who have recently been diagnosed with the disorder and who may be seeking answers, hope, and help.  You’re never alone.

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