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As awareness of lipedema begins to be more prevalent throughout the medical community, women are finding more ways to treat their symptoms. While lipedema is still not fully understood. the main goal for many patients and their treatment providers is to reduce inflammation, improve lymphatic circulation, manage pain, get emotional support, and help the body deal with this disease. Women are generally the primary target for this genetic disorder, and once diagnosed, are in constant search for answers. Lipedema experts like Dr. Jaime Schwartz are spearheading the charge to get women answers and the help they need.
Dr. Jaime Schwartz is a board-certified plastic surgeon and lipedema specialist in Beverly Hills, CA. Dr. Schwartz founded Total Lipedema Care (TLC) in Beverly Hills, CA. Dr. Schwartz and the dedicated staff at TLC are dedicated to helping patients with surgical and nonsurgical options along with therapeutic intervention to treat lipedema. No known cure is known for lipedema, but there are nonsurgical options that have proven effective against this disease and its associated symptoms.
A brief look at lipedema
Lipedema not only affects women in Beverly Hills but throughout the country. Over 17 million women are affected by this painful, progressive disease. Lipedema is a condition that mainly strikes the female gender as an excessive, abnormal amount of fatty tissue buildup in certain areas. Constantly misdiagnosed as obesity or a weight issue, lipedema can cause painful swelling, circulation issues, lymphatic, or other medical issues, and in some cases, be severely life-altering. If left untreated, lipedema can lead to a life of isolation, severe medical problems, and become debilitating.
Common areas Lipedema targets
Lipedema is considered a “fat disorder” that mainly affects a woman’s lower extremities, particularly the legs, thighs, hips, and buttocks. It causes an excessive buildup of fatty tissue, also called “fluid-filled” fat by lipedema experts, in those target areas. It can even be present in a woman’s upper arms. If left undiagnosed or untreated, lipedema only worsens and progresses into more severe stages. Women continually have circulation issues due to the strain on their lymphatic system. Eventually, the fatty tissue becomes hardened and extremely heavy, leading to immobility and more health concerns. A lipedema specialist like Dr. Schwartz offers surgical and nonsurgical options to give patients relief from their symptoms and alter the progression of the disease.
Nonsurgical ways to manage lipedema symptoms
Women across the country are struggling with this disease. Often misdiagnosed as being overweight, women living with this disease know it is so much more. Patients endure painful swelling and circulation problems. Target areas, especially the legs, can become extremely uncomfortable and swollen as a patient goes about their day. There are nonsurgical ways to treat lipedema so that the symptoms are tolerable and flare-ups are kept to a minimum:
Keep moving
Exercise is vital in general for people to remain healthy. Exercising helps burn fat and keeps individuals mobile and flexible. While lipedema fat is not directly affected by activity, the motion helps to keep patients moving and overall healthier. Movement also helps to improve circulation, and it is always an essential part of a treatment plan for lipedema patients, especially in the earlier stages. If traditional exercising is not an option, then alternative options like water aerobics or water exercises are an excellent way for patients to stay active. Water exercise offers the same great benefits of traditional workouts and is low impact enough for patients in the later stages of lipedema.
Compression garments
Compression garments are a medical device that support target areas of the body that are affected by poor circulation and can offer patients relief. In the earlier stages, it improves circulation in the limbs affected by lipedema to reduce buildup. They can also help reduce swelling and improve blood flow which acts as a healing agent, particularly for patients in the earlier stages.
Massage therapy techniques
IPC treatments utilize a type of massage therapy technique on target areas. A compression pump acts as a massage therapist and is a device that massages the lymph drainage to get relief. It is also a technique that can be used regularly to reduce swelling and inflammation either at home or at a care center such as TLC.
Medical supplements
Dr. Schwartz will conduct a blood panel. If a patient is low or deficient in specific vitamins, then he will prescribe a supplement to boost their numbers. Taking care of your body internally means making sure your body has all the right elements to stay healthy to combat this disease.
Total Lipedema Care in Beverly Hills is helping women who are dealing with this disease at every stage. Early diagnosis is critical, but lipedema specialists like Dr. Schwartz can help a woman at any stage of this progressive disorder. Painful symptoms and flare-ups can be managed by partaking in some of these nonsurgical recommendations regularly.
Are you concerned you may have lipedema? If so, we encourage you to contact Total Lipedema Care in Beverly Hills, CA. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jaime Schwartz is also a lipedema specialist. Together with his professionally trained staff, they are committed to helping patients with lipedema get the treatment options and emotional support needed to fight this disease. Please call to schedule a consultation today.