Summertime with Lipedema: Keeping Your Cool When Temperatures Soar


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Compression garments can be bothersome and irritating any time of the year, let alone during the hot, humid, hazy days between May and September.  Keeping mobile can prove to be even more painstaking in the warmer months as well.  Here are some cool tips to help you beat the heat when those temps start to sizzle.

Pool parties, backyard barbeques, beach bonfires, picnics in the park, and soaking up the rays on the salty, sundrenched sands! The lazy, dog days of summer are almost upon us. While sandal, swimsuit, and shorts season always promises to bring some much-needed fun in the sun, it can be a downright dreadful time for those dealing with lipedema.  For one, skin naturally tends to swell during the summer due to increased blood flow, which makes it more laborious for the body’s lymphatic system to optimally clear accumulated fluid, irrespective of the presence of lipedema.  Here’s how to cope with those sometimes insufferable, warm weather woes:

  • Re-think Your Compression Therapy

Discuss what type of compression garment you may need to switch to with your healthcare provider.  A mesh-knit compression garment may be key to keeping your cool – literally – with increased air flow to the underlying skin.  Also, be sure your current compression collection has been recently upgraded and replaced as the material naturally loosens overtime, making it unable to provide adequate support and proper functionality.

  • Just Cool It! 

Keep compression garments in the fridge or freezer before applying for an immediate, on-the-spot, cooling sensation.  Always have a few pairs on hand that you can rotate from the fridge/freezer to your body.  Carry a spritzer bottle of ice water and mist compression garments throughout the day for instant relief from the heat.

  • Let Loose with Stylish, Skin-friendly Fashion Picks 

Dress in light-colored, loose-fitting clothing, such as maxi dresses, wide-legged jumpsuits or cropped pants, and flowy tops or tanks to prevent fabric from adhering to skin in oppressively sticky, humid temperatures.  Donning wide-brimmed, straw hats and sunglasses also help to keep the blazing sun at bay.

  • Get Your Morning Routine in Mint Condition 

Add a few drops of pure essential peppermint oil to your body scrub, body oil, or lotion to soothe, cool, and calm your summer skin on contact.  Apply talc-free powder to back, buttocks, and inside of legs to prevent chafing and irritation. Cool tip: Washing your tresses with a peppermint-spiked shampoo will keep you cool from head-to-toe for hours!

Apply antifungal, antibacterial, and antimicrobial tea tree oil or powder between your toes and creases to avoid unwanted infections.  Before bed, apply a tea tree oil-infused foot balm to relieve tired tootsies and soothe sore soles.

  • Avoid a Snacks-ident!

Pack your beach bag or summertime tote with cuts of fresh fruit, crisp veggies, nuts, and seeds.  Munch on zesty, colorful salads drizzled with olive oil and balsamic vinegar and sip on cool, scrumptious summer-ready soups. Stay hydrated and refreshed with unsweetened iced tea and a squirt of tangy lemon.  Always have an ice cold bottle of water on hand, in the car, at your desk, or on-the-go for nonstop thirst-quenching and total body hydration.

  • Slumber on Satin/Silk

Put those long, dog days of summer to rest by snoozing on a set of satin or silk bed sheets.  The smooth fabric allows skin to effortlessly glide across the surface without sticking, pulling, or tugging.  Plus, satin and silk sheets are naturally temperature controlled to keep your body cool and comfortable from sundown to sunup.

Is there a beat-the-heat hack you swear by in the summertime to help manage your lipedema symptoms?  We’d love to know your secret to staying sane during the sun-soaked days of summer.  Please let our Total Lipedema Care community know in the comments below.

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