Taking a Stand Against Lipedema:
Life After MLE


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Ladies living with lipedema can begin to take back their lives after undergoing MLE (Manual Lipedema Extraction™), the trademarked technique developed exclusively by Dr. Jaime Schwartz that offers an effective, long-term solution to physical and emotional difficulties associated with the fat deposition disorder.

A complex medical condition with origins that are still widely unknown, lipedema continues to perplex even the most revered of medical experts.  Dubbed “the painful fat syndrome,” lipedema affects 11% of the population, primarily females.  While receiving a lipedema diagnosis may not be easy to hear, it is the first step to beginning your personalized treatment plan, so you may regain a quality-filled life.

What is MLE?
MLE (Manual Lipedema Extraction™) is a proprietary-developed surgical technique designed by world-renowned plastic surgeon and lipedema expert, Dr. Jaimie Schwartz, that combines lymphatic sparing liposuction followed by the manual dislodging of hardened lipedema “pearls,” or fat nodules.  Usually recommended to patients whose lipedema has progressed to the latter stages of 3 or 4, MLE is highly effective in safely removing the painful fat nodules that are resistant to traditional liposuction therapy.  Here’s how it works:  incisions are made to different areas of the body heavily affected by the accumulated adipose tissue (legs, buttocks, arms, etc.,), then the fat nodules are manually extracted through the incisions.  This unique technique has garnered the attention of plastic surgeons around the globe for its effectiveness and long-term solution to such a bewildering disease that affects one out of every nine women.  Usually, only one surgical session is required per affected area for desired effects without compromising nerve function and/or skin integrity.

Benefits of MLE
The life and body-bettering benefits of MLE surgery are plentiful. Immediately following MLE surgery, patients are prescribed mild painkillers to alleviate discomfort from temporary bruising and swelling incurred from the surgery, as well as being fitted for compression garments that will need to be worn for several weeks, preferably around the clock.  However, it’s these long-term, life-changing benefits lipedema patients can expect to enjoy following their MLE surgery:

  • Improved skin texture, smoothness, and suppleness
  • Immediate mitigation of pain, including skin soreness, swelling, and bruising
  • Boosted blood flow
  • Increased mobility and enhanced active lifestyle
  • Break-up and optimal flow of lymphatic fluid
  • Decreased likelihood of developing other problematic disorders/health challenges, such as lymphedema and structural disfigurement

Dr. Jaime’s lipedema patients have yet to experience a return of the hardened fat nodules that were removed during MLE surgery, as all nodules are dislodged from affected areas.  Oftentimes, excess skin is removed for a tightened, more lifted look.  It isn’t uncommon for patients to undergo a tummy tuck or arm or thigh lift in addition to their MLE surgery for aesthetic purposes.  Aesthetic procedures are part of the process of resuming a quality-rich life following MLE and are something you can consult with Dr. Jamie about regarding your personalized treatment plan and body goals.

Life-long Habits for Long-term Recovery
Following MLE, lipedema patients are advised to continue implementing a protein-rich, anti-inflammatory diet coupled with daily exercise.  For at least a year following MLE surgery, tissue remodeling will begin taking place beneath the skin’s surface, which will prove effective in the healing process, as well as long-term recovery results.  However, it’s your steadfast commitment to follow-up appointments with Dr. Jaime that will prove most integral in your recovery progression, as consistent medical evaluations are required to gauge the evolution of a medical dilemma that is currently being researched and for which there is yet to be a conclusive cure.

If you’re ready to take the next step in your lipedema treatment trajectory or if you suspect you are a good candidate for MLE, please consult our office to schedule a consultation and full medical evaluation with Dr. Jaime.

To learn more, please contact our Beverly Hills, California office to schedule a consultation with any of our highly trained specialists.