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Lipedema is a chronic disorder that primarily targets women and can be a painful disease. Commonly misdiagnosed as obesity or an excessive weight problem, Lipedema is a genetic condition that millions of women struggle with on a daily basis. In the past, women with this condition suffered in silence but with the help of research and more specialists like board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jaime Schwartz, founder of Total Lipedema Care in Beverly Hills, women today have more options to treat this painful disorder.
Dr. Schwartz has devoted part of his private practice to help women struggling with Lipedema. Surgical and treatment options are available to women with this progressive disorder so they can live in less pain. One of those helpful solutions is lymphatic sparing liposuction. Here is information on what this procedure entails and what it can do for women suffering from Lipedema with the help of Dr. Schwartz.
An overview of Lipedema
Commonly referred to as the “painful fat disease” Lipedema strikes over 17 million women in the United States. Lipedema often gets overlooked by medical professionals as a weight disorder or a problem with obesity. Women who suffer from this condition begin to see a buildup of fatty tissue that collects in certain target areas, typically the lower body when they enter into their 30s. A Lipedema patient can have a normal-sized upper body but have excess fat in their lower extremities. This fat build-up is most commonly seen in the leg area and can progress to various stages of severity if not treated.
Lipedema and its progressive stages
Women in the Beverly Hills area who suffer from this chronic disease can seek treatment with a Lipedema specialist like board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Schwartz at Total Lipedema Care. If left untreated, Lipedema can progress into four different stages. If no treatment or guidance occurs, then the Lipedema symptoms can evolve into a debilitating disorder.
Stage 1: Women begin to notice an excess buildup of fat commonly seen in their lower half. In some rare cases, some women experience early signs in their upper arms. Typically, women in the early stage have an extreme “pear-like” shape and endure slight swelling in their lower extremities.
Stage 2: Women who enter into this stage notice the texture of their skin in the target area begins to change. A marbled or lumpy appearance begins to take shape with the excess fat buildup. Often mistaken as cellulite, it is due to the constricted blood flow and restraint on the lymphatic system because of excessive fat buildup. Swelling and inflammation symptoms also worsen in this stage.
Stage 3: Lipedema fat tissue has expanded and can become extremely heavy. This limits mobility and also causes severe joint pain. The target areas also change in texture and become hardened, no longer lumpy in appearance. Most women get little to no relief from swelling or inflammation with compression garments in this stage.
Stage 4: If a woman reaches this stage, Lipedema symptoms are severe with the added concern of other health issues. Discomfort and pain are severe and can make patients no longer mobile. Dermatological issues with skin folds worsen and can become infected. If Lipedema is left untreated in this stage, a woman can develop severe lymphatic complications or even lymphedema.
Getting help with lymphatic sparing liposuction
Dr. Schwartz is a Lipedema specialist and a board-certified plastic surgeon. He not only can give women cosmetic help with their Lipedema condition but also relief from painful side effects. The removal of excess fat in the legs, buttocks, or arms can help reduce inflammation as well as aesthetically help women feel better.
Lymphatic sparing liposuction is an effective treatment to lessen or reduce the congestion of fatty tissues that have accumulated in certain areas. Described as a “game-changer” among current patients, lymphatic sparing liposuction can remove lipedema fat and yield better long-term results for women. Lymphatic sparing liposuction not only reduces painful symptoms but if done in the earlier stages it can stop the Lipedema progression when performed with other treatment options.
For this procedure, Dr. Schwartz uses the SAFE (separate, aspirate, fat equalization) approach. Incisions are made in the skin and small cannulas are inserted. The fat is loosened with high-pressure water and anesthetic solutions which makes it come out easier and is suctioned out. Some patients may have drains inserted into the treatment areas to help with fluid buildup.
This physically and mentally debilitating disorder leaves women wondering if there is any help. Lymphatic sparing liposuction can help reduce the swelling, contour the area and give relief to women in Beverly Hills who are living with Lipedema. Total Lipedema Care in Beverly Hills is one of the top facilities in the United States providing women with answers and treatment options. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jaime Schwartz strives to give women the help they need to fight this painful disorder. If you are concerned you may have Lipedema symptoms and are wanting to consider lymphatic sparing liposuction to get relief, then please call today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Schwartz.