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Although there is no cure for lipedema, patients are discovering they have treatment options to live a better quality of life. Recent research is shedding new light on this disorder that mainly affects over 17 million women in the United States. Research along with lipedema specialists like Dr. Jaime Schwartz give patients today more treatment options and a hopeful future while living with this disease.
Total Lipedema Care in Beverly Hills, CA was founded by board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jaime Schwartz. A highly regarded plastic surgeon and considered one of the best lipedema surgeons in the country, Dr. Schwartz makes it his mission to help women with this progressive disorder. Here is a look at lipedema surgery, liposuction, and even a tummy tuck as some of the options patients can consider when moving forward after their lipedema diagnosis.
Am I just gaining weight? It is a common question asked by women who struggle with this disease. Until they are properly diagnosed, patients may feel they are unable to get a handle on additional weight or fluid that begins to accumulate in certain areas. This “fatty fluid” buildup in the legs, hips, or upper arms is visibly unchanged while women take drastic measures to lose weight. Excessive exercising or extreme dieting leaves common target areas unresponsive while patients can spiral into bouts of depression or develop eating disorders. A lipedema specialist like Dr. Schwartz can help determine if your excessive weight gain is related to lipedema and if so, what the next steps can be to get help.
Dr. Schwartz and his Total Lipedema Care team diligently work to give women emotional support and concrete treatment options to help lessen lipedema symptoms. Research suggests a woman’s genetic history may be a common thread among lipedema patients along with hormones a driving factor. This progressive disorder does respond well to certain treatment options especially for women in the early stages.
Women who wear compression garments can help reduce swelling or fluid buildup in their legs. Certain medical therapies can also relieve lymphatic buildup. Decongestive massaging uses a rhythmic movement to stimulate drainage, reduce swelling, and relieve pain in blocked areas. Dr. Schwartz and his team can also do a blood panel to check a patient’s hormone levels and determine any deficiencies in vitamin levels. Vitamin supplements can help boost numbers and improve a patient’s immune system, which is a helpful tool when lipedema compromises a patient’s lymphatic system. Regular exercise and dietary changes can also be mindful choices to keep patients moving and more healthy.
Beverly Hills patients have access to one of the best lipedema surgeons in the country. Dr. Jaime Schwartz is a lipedema expert and board-certified plastic surgeon who has perfected certain surgical techniques to help lipedema patients. Here are some of the surgical options available:


Liposuction is synonymous with being a major player in helping lipedema patients. Water-assisted lipo or lymphatic sparing liposuction are two of the main techniques used to remove excess fat in target areas. Liposuction can help increase circulation, reduce inflammation, and give patients better mobility by reducing buildup in the lower extremities. Liposuction also offers lipedema patients body contouring assistance to aesthetically improve their appearance and even boost their self-confidence.

Manual Lipedema Extraction

This technique, also known as MLE, removes tender nodules or “lipedema pearls” that can become more apparent after liposuction. Dr. Schwartz developed this specialized treatment to alleviate these beads of fat under the skin to give patients a softer, smoother skin texture after their liposuction procedure.

Tummy Tuck or Panniculectomy

In some cases, lipedema patients can opt for a lymphatic sparing tummy tuck to remove excess fatty fluid in the abdominal area while eliminating loose, lax skin. This procedure allows lipedema patients an option to address saggy skin and unyielding fat in the stomach area with lipo and skin tightening help. A panniculectomy addresses excessive skin that drapes or hangs in the lower abdominal area like an “apron.” Large amounts of loose skin can inhibit a patient’s mobility with day-to-day activities. Both of these midsection body contouring procedures are not a weight loss solution but can play an invaluable role in a patient’s progress with lipedema.
After a thorough consultation and examination, Dr. Schwartz can determine the best course of action. Since there are different stages and varying degrees of this progressive disease, a lipedema expert like Dr. Schwartz is necessary to get a proper diagnosis and treatment plan. Total Lipedema Care in Beverly Hills is dedicated to helping women living with this disease. If you are concerned about lipedema or need treatment help, then we encourage you to make an appointment with Dr. Jaime Schwartz at your earliest convenience.