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Lipedema is a perplexing medical condition that millions of women live with daily. Women seeking a definitive diagnosis and treatment are in need of a qualified lipedema specialist. Dr. Jaime Schwartz in Beverly Hills, CA, is not only an experienced lipedema specialist but also a renowned, board-certified plastic surgeon. Founder of Total Lipedema Care in Beverly Hills, Dr. Schwartz has dedicated a portion of his private surgical practice to helping women with this chronic disorder. Dr. Schwartz is one of the most recognized lipedema specialists in the medical community and the country.
If you are looking for a lipedema specialist, here are some key things to consider during your search:The proper diagnosisDr. Schwartz has worked to get women with lipedema the right diagnosis and treatment. Women are often misdiagnosed as having a weight-related problem, but lipedema is a disease that involves more than just weight. This genetic disorder can get progressively worse if left undiagnosed. Today, lipedema is a medical condition that affects over 17 million women, and specialists like Dr. Schwartz are getting women diagnosis and treatment options so they can live a better life.
The stages of lipedema
Lipedema research has shown that it evolves into four different stages if left untreated. In the early stages, a woman may think she is gaining weight in certain areas, but her body will begin to look disproportionate. She may experience more swelling or discomfort in her lower extremities, while excessive fluid buildup in common target areas (legs, buttocks, hips) increases. In stage three, excessive lipedema fat is present and can cause heavy folds of skin, which can result in pain due to swelling. By stage four, patients often have other medical concerns due to their compromised lymphatic system.
A lipedema specialist like Dr. Schwartz will know what to look for at any stage of the disease. Skin texture, swelling, and discomfort levels are common traits that define each step of the condition. Dr. Schwartz will take into consideration the symptoms each woman exhibits to determine the right course of action to help meet her needs.
Treating lipedema with liposuction
Female patients with this condition can get discouraged as “fatty fluid” in their hips and legs continues to increase. It can lead to an array of issues like depression, eating disorders, and socially anxiety due to their appearance. One of the main tools to combat this disease is liposuction treatments. A highly popular procedure among plastic surgeons, liposuction can help patients look and feel better, and give women with this disease a better quality of life.
Lymphatic-sparing liposuction can break up the congestion of excessive fluid buildup in target areas to help with circulation while lessening the strain on a patient’s lymphatic system. It can also improve the way a woman feels about her appearance. Dr. Schwartz, with his extensive lipedema background, can provide proper and adequate liposuction treatment.
Managing the disease with a specialist
A lipedema specialist who is also an experienced, qualified plastic surgeon like Dr. Schwartz can offer life-changing results to patients. There is no known cure for this genetic disease, so women in Beverly Hills and throughout the country turn to Dr. Schwartz for the right treatment options and support. Total Lipedema Care is solely dedicated to helping women with this condition. Dr. Schwartz will not only oversee and manage your symptoms at each stage, but can surgically help you slow down its progression. Dr. Schwartz and his professionally trained staff at TLC can provide an extensive list of treatment options including herbal supplements, dietary recommendations, therapy suggestions, and the emotional support every patient needs.
Seeking treatment options and finding a lipedema specialist like Dr. Schwartz is essential no matter what stage of the disease. His vast knowledge of this disorder allows him to pinpoint what each patient needs to help modify symptoms and make each patient more comfortable. Each stage involves different changes, so a plastic surgeon and lipedema specialist all in one can be beneficial to getting the right help.
Get help with your lipedema today
Total Lipedema Care in Beverly Hills, CA, attracts lipedema patients from all over seeking Dr. Jaime Schwartz’s help with this chronic disease. Dr. Schwartz is a medically recognized lipedema specialist and highly regarded plastic surgeon, and has helped numerous women manage their symptoms and get the surgical help they need. If you are unsure if you have lipedema or have more questions regarding this disease, we encourage you to contact Dr. Schwartz at Total Lipedema Care in Beverly Hills, CA, today. A patient at any stage of lipedema can benefit from the right treatment.