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Lipedema is a serious medical condition that affects more than 370 million women worldwide. Often misdiagnosed as obesity, this disease is characterized by an abnormal accumulation of fat, primarily in the lower extremities. With progressive enlargement, patients experience increased fibrosis that causes circulation issues and blockage of the lymphatic system. Other complications can be painful swelling, deterioration of joints, and eventually a lack of mobility. Patients can also experience psychological problems including depression, social isolation, and an overall lack of confidence in their appearance. Lipedema is a complex medical condition that leaves many women in search of the right diagnosis and resources for treatment.
Total Lipedema Care founder Dr. Jaime Schwartz is a board-certified plastic surgeon and lipedema specialist in Beverly Hills, CA. Dr. Schwartz is one of the most recognized lipedema specialists in the country and has dedicated a portion of his private surgical practice to helping women with this progressive disease.
If you are concerned you have lipedema and are looking for a treatment center, here are some key things to consider as you begin your search. WHAT ARE THE SIGNS OF LIPEDEMA?Lipedema is a progressive disease that is estimated to affect one in eleven women. Symptoms or signs of lipedema typically appear during puberty, pregnancy, or menopause. Here are some common symptoms that have been linked to lipedema:
• Abnormal build-up of fat on the legs, hips, buttocks, waist, or arms
• Hands and feet are excluded from abnormal build-up and unaffected by lipedema
• Bilateral and symmetrical presentation of fatty accumulation
• Fatty accumulation can feel cold, soft, or doughy
• Fatty areas are lumpy and uneven, and patients also present knee fat pads as it progresses
• Patients bruise easily, and skin is sensitive to the touch
• Standing causes the lower extremities to swell easily
• Fat accumulation on the legs and arms is unaffected by diet and exercise
WHAT SHOULD YOU KNOW ABOUT LIPEDEMA?The exact cause or reason women experience this medical condition is still unknown. In the ongoing research about this complex disorder, some evidence points to a genetic origin, while other aspects lead to a hormonal connection. Lipedema is not caused by obesity, but patients with this condition struggle with being overweight, which causes this condition to often be misdiagnosed by medical professionals not familiar with this disorder. Dieting can cause women to lose weight in their upper body, yet lipedema fat accumulation is generally unaffected. As the fat continues to increase in the legs and buttocks, it can eventually lead of lymphedema, a condition that prevents the lymphatic system from draining properly. Fat accumulation may ultimately spread to the arms and upper body.
To slow down this progressive disorder or get properly diagnosed, patients can benefit from a treatment center like Total Lipedema Care. There is currently no cure for lipedema, but there are treatment options to give women a better quality of life. Total Lipedema Care in Beverly Hills can help manage or alleviate certain symptoms. Dr. Schwartz and the professional staff can offer emotional support, diet and nutritional help, management of co-existing health problems, and surgical options such as liposuction.
The right lipedema treatment facility should include the following:
• A lipedema specialist like Dr. Schwartz who can accurately diagnose and rule out any other conditions
• The option for patients to begin treatment immediately
• An experienced plastic surgeon who has successfully treated lipedema patients with reductive surgery techniques, liposuction, and other cosmetic options
• A lipedema expert like Dr. Schwartz who is knowledgeable about the disease and experienced in treating the different stages of lipedema
• Additional services like nutritional guidance, psychological counseling, patient care coordination with physical therapy, and information on other various programs like swim aerobics classes or massage therapyFinding a lipedema specialist like Dr. Jaime Schwartz of Total Lipedema Care is essential for patients. Dr. Schwartz can adequately diagnose lipedema, determine the current stage, and modify available treatment options to give patients the best possible outcome. Dr. Schwartz can provide lipedema patients with the right surgical options and overall care to manage their lipedema condition, regardless of the severity.
If you are concerned about lipedema, we encourage you to contact Total Lipedema Care in Beverly Hills, CA. The caring and compassionate staff offers women from all around the world the help and treatment options they need to fight this disease. Dr. Jaime Schwartz is a medically recognized lipedema specialist and clinical expert. With his extensive knowledge and background as a highly regarded plastic surgeon, Dr. Schwartz can provide his patients with the surgical help they may need. The experienced and professional team at Total Lipedema Care provides patients with the necessary support to manage their lipedema symptoms when living with this condition.
If you have additional questions regarding lipedema, we invite you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Schwartz at Total Lipedema Care today.