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Lipedema is thought to affect at least 11 percent of the female population in the U.S. It is one of the most undiagnosed medical disorders because of lack of information, uncompassionate medical professionals, and women who do not seek medical help due to embarrassment. Without a doubt, this chronic disease is life changing. Lipedema is an extremely uncomfortable, painful disorder involving the abnormal growth of fat cells to build up excessive fluid in a woman’s lower extremities. This lower half disfigurement can be life altering and also life-threatening if a lipedema specialist is not consulted.
Dr. Jaime Schwartz is a board-certified plastic surgeon and renowned lipedema specialist. Founder of Total Lipedema Care in Beverly Hills, CA, Dr. Schwartz has dedicated part of his private practice to helping women hindered by this disease. Dr. Schwartz continues to research and figure out answers to this complex disease that seems to be driven by a woman’s hormones. More lipedema specialists, like Dr. Schwartz, are finding ways to reach these women in the early stages so they can have the emotional and physical support as well as treatment options to live with this disease.
Lipedema is a painful, debilitating disease. Often times it goes undiagnosed as an issue of being overweight or obese, but lipedema is much more. Lipedema specialist Dr. Jaime Schwartz is dedicated to taking a further look into this condition and how he can help women suffering from this potentially-debilitating disease. For women in Beverly Hills who visit the office of Total Lipedema Care, Dr. Schwartz will conduct a thorough exam and do a full blood panel to determine if certain lipedema factors are present. Dr. Schwartz can help patients with an early diagnosis which is essential to getting the early intervention help and emotional support that lipedema patients need. Places like Total Lipedema Care are centered around giving women surgical options, treatment plans, and additional avenues for support in order to have a better quality of life while living with this disease.
Most women who have lipedema are embarrassed about how they look. Lipedema causes a woman’s lower half, particularly the legs, calves, and hips to be over-sized while the upper torso remains the same. One of the main reasons Lipedema often goes undiagnosed is because it is commonly mistaken as a weight issue by other medical professionals. It is a physically and mentally challenging disorder and most women go through it alone. Finding a lipedema specialist, like Dr. Schwartz, is imperative to the support that every woman needs on how to deal with this disease and keep it from progressing. Lipedema patients need to feel comfortable with their specialist in order to convey what they are dealing with and discuss any issues. A definitive diagnosis allows a lipedema specialist like Dr. Schwartz to have a better knowledge and understanding of what each patient is experiencing in order to devise a treatment plan.
Finding a qualified, experienced lipedema specialist like Dr. Schwartz can provide numerous options to help women live with this chronic, painful disease. One of the most misdiagnosed diseases, lipedema is often mistaken as a lifestyle problem or simply a weight issue. With his extensive knowledge of this disease, Dr. Schwartz can help rule out any other conditions and give an accurate diagnosis. This can allow for the right treatment options to begin promptly. Dr. Schwartz is extremely skilled in all aspects of lipedema, from its earliest stages to the more severe, advanced stages. This knowledge allows him to monitor and help his patients every step of the way. Dr. Schwartz and the professional staff at Total Lipedema Care in Beverly Hills, CA can give nutritional guidance, recommend physical therapy or water exercise programs, surgical and nonsurgical treatments, and even psychological counseling.
Dr. Schwartz is not only a lipedema specialist but also a board-certified plastic surgeon. Because of this, he can provide cosmetic treatments that offer relief from certain lipedema symptoms. Once such treatment is water-assisted liposuction (WAL). This procedure essentially decreases the congestion and inflammation in the legs where lipedema is most prevalent. Similar to a cosmetic liposuction, fat in the targeted treatment areas will be removed. Dr. Schwartz also employs the SAFE liposuction technique – separation, aspiration, and fat equalization – to get as much fat out as possible while not putting the shape of the area in jeopardy.
Another surgical treatment option for lipedema may include excess skin removal for areas that have lost elasticity. This skin can actually hinder lipedema patients, especially if it gets infected, impairs the mobility of the patient, or prevents compression garments from fitting properly.
Just like with other surgeries, the recovery time from surgical procedures to treat lipedema will vary. It will depend on what procedure was performed, the extent of the surgical treatment, and how each individual woman’s body heals. Dr. Schwartz may recommend additional surgical/nonsurgical interventions and treatments to further help women in Beverly Hills manage their lipedema symptoms.
Since there is no cure for this hereditary disease, working closely with a lipedema specialist like Dr. Jaime Schwartz will help improve symptoms, provide ongoing care, reduce leg size or complications with surgical help, and provide emotional support. Dr. Schwartz can pinpoint this condition right from the early stages and provide the necessary help so you can get your life back. Living with this disease is a daily challenge but having a relationship with a lipedema specialist like Dr. Schwartz is beneficial to you in so many ways. If you are concerned you may have lipedema or want to get a second opinion, please call or schedule a consultation with Dr. Schwartz at Total Lipedema Care in Beverly Hills, CA.