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Not much is known about this painful disorder but medical experts and Lipedema specialists, like Dr. Jaime Schwartz in Beverly Hills, are striving to find answers. A disorder that often goes undiagnosed, Lipedema affects millions of women, and if left untreated, can have a devastating effect on their quality of life. An exact cure is unknown, but what often goes mistaken as weight gain, can have life-threatening effects for a woman’s health. Seeking out a Lipedema specialist is crucial to getting an early diagnosis so the risks that come with the Lipedema disorder can be reduced, and slowing down the progression of this disease can be achieved.
Dr. Jaime Schwartz is a leading Lipedema expert and founder of Total Lipedema Care in Beverly Hills, CA. A board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Schwartz has made it his mission to help women get the correct diagnosis and treatment options at any stage of this disease. Here are some of the risks that women with Lipedema face and why finding a Lipedema expert like Dr. Schwartz is imperative to fighting this disease.
Lipedema is a chronic, painful disorder that mainly targets women. Commonly seen as a genetic disease, Lipedema is a lymphatic condition that seems driven by a woman’s fluctuating hormones and strikes most women in their 30s. Often seen as a weight issue or obesity, Lipedema is a buildup of fatty tissue that mainly occurs in the lower extremities such as the legs and hips but can occur in some cases in the upper arms. Most women with Lipedema have a normal size upper body but have excessive fat particularly in their legs. Generally, it makes a women’s legs look disfigured or “tree-trunk” like in appearance.
Many women in the Beverly Hills area and throughout the country have been misdiagnosed at one point when struggling with this disorder. This medical condition looks similar to other lifestyle issues such as a poor diet or lack of exercise, but women with Lipedema are dealing with much more. This disease leaves women struggling with fatty deposits that go unchanged no matter what they do. If left undiagnosed, it leads to more risk of health concerns and in most cases, emotional issues.
Although Lipedema starts off as a cosmetic concern for women, if left untreated, it can have life-threatening consequences. Affecting up to 11% of women, Lipedema becomes a painful and, in some cases, crippling disorder. Women struggle with discomfort, swelling, inflammation, and even can become immobile which further worsens the condition. Women with Lipedema are more likely to develop diabetes, hypertension, and even heart failure. Outside of the medical health risks, Lipedema can have a detrimental effect on a woman’s emotional well-being. Being told they are just overweight can lead to eating disorders and, in further stages of Lipedema, becoming immobile leads to isolation which can lead to depression. Women who may be concerned about this condition need to seek help from a Lipedema specialist like Dr. Schwartz in order to get early help and reduce such risk factors.
Lipedema is a progressive disease and if left undiagnosed can evolve into 4 different stages. The last stage being the most severe and critical for a woman’s well-being. Finding a Lipedema specialist, like Dr. Schwartz, is beneficial and important at any stage of the disease. His dedicated Total Lipedema Care center in Beverly Hills is solely focused on getting patients diagnosed and the help they need. Early intervention can slow down the progression as well as give patients sound advice on how to live a better quality of life with this condition. Dietary changes may help reduce swelling and inflammation, and patients who keep up with light exercise or aquatic aerobic classes may help keep Lipedema from progressing. Other treatments include wearing compression garments.
Finding a Lipedema specialist like Dr. Schwartz, who is also a board-certified plastic surgeon, allows women to have surgical options which may relieve some of their symptoms while cosmetically helping their appearance. Liposuction is an effective option to lessen the restriction or congestion of fatty tissues that have accumulated in those target areas. Removing excess fatty tissue from the calves, thighs, buttocks, or arms can reduce inflammation which can help with the painful side effects. Dr. Schwartz prefers to use water-assisted liposuction (WAL) procedures or SAFE (Separation, Aspiration and Fat Equalization) in order to effectively sculpt and remove excess fatty tissue in those target areas.
Dr. Schwartz can also perform lymphatic-sparing tummy tucks or thigh and arm lifts to remove sagging skin after completion of liposuction to remove the excess fatty tissue. Under supervision of an expert surgeon and Lipedema specialist like Dr. Schwartz, women can have options to not only feel better but look better when living with this disease.
Finding a Lipedema specialist like Dr. Schwartz gives women living with this painful disease options to live a better life. The first step in treating this disease is to be diagnosed. Dr. Schwartz will do a full exam and run blood work in order to check for certain factors that can indicate this condition. Once diagnosed, Dr. Schwartz and his professionally trained staff at Total Lipedema Care work diligently with patients to give them treatment options, cosmetic solutions, and overall emotional support in order to manage their symptoms while living a better quality of life.
Women living with Lipedema don’t have to do it alone. One of the leading most under-diagnosed disorders, this physically and mentally debilitating disorder does have specialists dedicated to helping patients live with this disease. Total Lipedema Care in Beverly Hills focuses on giving patients answers and treatment options so they can fight symptoms and get back to living. Dr. Schwartz’s center can provide manageable ways to treat this disorder as well as surgical options. If you are concerned you may have Lipedema, call or contact Total Lipedema Care to schedule a consultation with Dr. Schwartz today.